The Slovak Biophysical Society

The Slovak Biophysical Society (SKBS) is a voluntary nonprofit organization of the scientific, pedagogical and expert staff, hereinafter referred to as biophysicists, associated subject to their mutual interest in the advance of biophysics in Slovakia that includes: the free scientific research and dissemination of obtained results, including their application in the social practice, the expertise activity, education and popularization of biophysics within the society.

To fulfil the above objectives, SKBS shall:

  1. organize, deepen and coordinate the co-operation of biophysicists and their supporters in the field of science, pedagogy and practice,
  2. provide a forum for sharing knowledge, discussion of expertise activity results, sharing opinions and experiences most of all by means of organizing the regular conferences of biophysicists,
  3. accumulate information about outstanding results of its members, grant SKBS awards, nominate its members for awarding by other domestic and foreign organizations, including state awards,
  4. maintain www page about SKBS, create and mediate relevant databases, mediate links to relevant www pages of its members and related organizations,
  5. cooperate with related professional societies, scientific and pedagogical institutions, as well as organizations representing business sphere,
  6. support cooperation between academic and industrial sectors in the field of biophysics,
  7. apply for funding for specific projects, eventually contribute to the projects of related organizations,
  8. cooperate with partner national organizations abroad,
  9. as a regular member of the European Biophysical Societies Association (EBSA), and association of Regional Biophysical Conferences (RBC), mediate and support their mission in Slovakia and support activity of SKBS members within these organizations.